small batch natural ginger beer


Our Story

Zingabrew was born out of a love for ginger beer and a need to rise to a challenge.  One day while enjoying some mules with friends, we actually read the ingredients of two of the most popular canned ginger beers and were shocked by what we saw…

Real ginger beer settles, you shouldn’t

Made in the NW Burbs of Chicago

Real Ingredients

Zingabrew believes people shouldn't drink acid and that gum is for chewing. We also don't hide behind 'natural flavor' or 'spices'. Real ingredients are the foundation to great tasting ginger beer.

Small Batch

We believe small batches enable better quality control and provide the vivid flavor our customers enjoy. We sample at every step of the brew to maintain consistency.

Taste Sensation

The flavor is unmistakable and true. Neither syrupy nor too spicy, but a natural balance of sweetness on the tongue and warmth in the back of the throat. Perfect alone or a unique ingredient of your own craft cocktail.

Grass Roots

It all started with a passion for powerful flavor and desire for something a bit more 'natural'. We started making Zingabrew in our kitchen for ourselves, family, and friends. With the coontinued support of everyone, we were able to turn our dream into a reality.


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